The Studio

Antonio Obrador’s studio, founded in 1980, has an extensive portfolio of projects of different nature, including architecture, interior design, decoration and landscaping, focused mainly on the residential field, both for private homes and hotels. The common essence that characterizes them is found between respect for traditions and interest in innovation.

The projects of the AO studio emerge rooted in their social, natural and historical context. In our work there is always a dialogue between tradition and modernity, non-contradictory terms. On the one hand, respecting noble materials and the craftsmanship of those who work with them, which we define as tradition. On the other hand, our creative process, defined as one of reinterpretation, aiming to give answers to the requirements of the present, which we define as the challenges of the modern world.

The team approaches each project from its specificity, creating spaces that fulfill their function, with the constant search to excite the user and at the same time create timeless atmospheres that are far from fashion.
In our rehabilitation works the fundamental premise is the respect and exaltation of the work of its original author, highlighting its qualities and integrating them to the needs of the present and future. On the other hand, in our newbuild work, our creative process is free from many constrains, such as existing material and ideological obstacles, and whose result is unique in nature.

The creative philosophy of Antonio Obrador and his team of professionals is based on a very simple principle: finding the right solution for each client’s needs. Achieving it implies a laborious study in which a wide range of factors are analyzed: sensitivity to the location, respect for the environment and the landscape, orientation considerations, as well as views and lighting to reach an optimal distribution, with high-quality materials.

equipo antonio obrador

Our team is made up of professionals in engineering, architecture, design, landscaping, interior design and decoration, who, in collaboration with stone, iron and wood craftsmen, offer a multidisciplinary design and comprehensive architecture service.

Awards and mentions
Premio Ciutat de Palma de Rehabilitación
Ca'n Nadal - Ayuntamiento de Palma (1985)
can nadal premio municipal restauracion 1985 antonio obrador
The rehabilitation of Ca'n Nadal, a 17th-century manor house located between Apuntadores and La Glòria streets in Palma, received the "Ciudad de Palma Award" Rehabilitation Award from Palma City Council.
Felicitación del ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Gran Hotel Florida - Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (2000)
hotel florida 2000 antonio obrador
Antonio Obrador has been congratulated by the Barcelona City Council Quality Commission for his performance at the prestigious Gran Hotel La Florida, Barcelona.
Premio Ramón Llull
Trayectoria Profesional - Gobierno Balear (2005)
premio ramon llull trayectoria profesional 2005 antonio obrador
The Balearic Government awards Antonio Obrador the Ramón Llull Award for his professional career.
Premio Onda Cero Mallorca
Hotel Cap Rocat - Onda Cero (2012)
The Onda Cero Mallorca Tourism award is given for the innovative concept of the Hotel Cap Rocat in Llucmajor, Mallorca.
Mejor Reforma Hotelera
Hotel Majestic - Revista Gran Hotel (2014)
The renovation of the Majestic Hotel in Barcelona is awarded as the "Best Hotel Renovation" by the Gran Hotel magazine.
Reconocimiento del "Fortress Study Group"
Hotel Cap Rocat - Fortress Study Group (2016)
reconocimiento fortress study goroup 2016 antonio obrador
The rehabilitation of the Cap Enderrocat fortress and its conversion into the current Hotel Cap Rocat is awarded with the recognition of the 'Fortress Study Group', a society founded in 1975 at Pembroke College, Oxford, focused on the study of all areas of military architecture, castles and fortresses. At the same time it is a meeting society, exchange of work and experiences among its members on issues related to fortifications and military architecture. The society is a founding member of the International Fortress Council, and author of multiple specialized publications and magazines.
Premio Unión Europea de Patrimonio Cultural
Hotel Cap Rocat - Europa Nostra (2017)
premio union europea patrimonio europa nostra hotel cap rocat 2017 antonio obrador
Antonio Obrador was awarded the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards granted by the European Union for Cultural Heritage for the rehabilitation of the Cap Enderrocat fortress in Llucmajor. Antonio Obrador received the award on January 25, 2018 from HM Queen Sofía, Honorary President of Hispania Nostra in a ceremony held at the Monastery of San Juan de Burgos. The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards is the most prestigious recognition in the heritage field.
Best Luxury City Hotel Award
Hotel Majestic - Spain Luxury Hotel Awards (2018)
best luxury city hotel award hotel majestic 2018 antonio obrador
Within the framework of the prizes awarded by the Spain Luxury Hotel Awards, Antonio Obrador's studio received recognition for the Architecture and Interior Design of the Hotel Majestic (Barcelona), in the category of Best Luxury City Hotel 2018.
Best Luxury Mountain Hotel Award
Gran Hotel Son Net - Spain Luxury Hotel Awards (2018)
best luxury mountain hotel award hotel son net 2018 antonio obrador
Within the framework of the prizes awarded by the Spain Luxury Hotel Awards, Antonio Obrador's studio received recognition for the Architecture and Interior Design of the Gran Hotel Son Net (Mallorca) in the categories of Best Luxury Hotel Boutique 2018 and Best Luxury Mountain Hotel 2018 .
Reconocimiento 'Hispania Nostra'
Hotel Cap Rocat - Hispania Nostra (2018)
reconocimiento hispaina nostra hotel cap rocat 2018 antonio obrador
In January 2018, Antonio Obrador received from Hispania Nostra, a member of the Europa Nostra Federation, the award for the restoration and renovation for a new public use of the Cap Enderrocat Fortress.
Medalla Mayte Spinola
Hotel Cap Rocat - Mayte Spinola (2020)
medalla mayte spinola hotel cap rocat 2020 antonio obrador scaled
The 2019 Mayte Spínola Foundation Gold Medal, which recognizes merits in the arts, sciences, sports and solidarity, is awarded to Antonio Obrador, for the uniqueness of his intervention at the Hotel Cap Rocat.
Mejor Restauración Hotelera
Gran Hotel Son Net - Condé Nast
The renovation of the Hotel Son Net in Puigpunyent, Majorca, is rated by Condé Nast magazine, specialized in hospitality, as one of the twenty-five best hotel restoration projects in the world.


After more than 40 years of work, an extensive review of our portfolio is currently being carried out, which will culminate in the publication of a collection of three books : ‘Newbuild’, ‘Refurbishment’ and ‘Hotels’.